# 20 Colleen's Taco Lady Chevy Step-Van

This thunderbird's on the hood.

September 2012

I'm afraid Mister Google makes it too hard to put these photos in the order I want, so you'll have to work harder than you should.

Colleen, the Taco Lady at the Saturday Morning Market in St. Petersburg, FL, saw my car driving down the street one day, and decided that's what she had to do with her step-van. And what a thrill it was! For one thing, it's huge. For another, there were so many pieces of it I just loved: the skirt with the lace border, that Tree of Life, the water lapping up to it, those Mexican flags – like Tibetan Prayer Flags but not – and more.

This was a lot of work and even more fun. One of the best things about painting cars for other people is that I'm led to discover things outside of my normal world.

I don't usually like both sides to match, but I did put the same Mexican blanket design on the passenger doors. It was just too perfect a configuration to ignore.

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