Shreeram's Yamaha Virago

September 2011

This isn't a car, either, but I was thrilled to have something black to paint.

My biggest challenge here – besides the small surface – was that the owner wanted recognizable critters on it the motorcycle. Or maybe he assumed that since I'm an "artist," I could just, just do it. Not really. Still, I now know an anole when I see one.

Shreeram wanted them to be specifically Floridian, too, although he agreed to the cobra, for which I'm grateful. I really like that snake!

I like the above photo because it shows how very well I follow the line ...


  1. Yes, thanks for posting and blogging about these art car feats; I loved it, enjoyed it wanted more of it; thank you thank you thank you!

  2. Very super cool stuff!

  3. I was just beginning to wonder, before I got to this post, if you did bikes as well ... when I get mine, I'd love to have you paint it. ^_^

    1. Well, Noor, I hope you live in Florida!